Donate to Ophelia's Journey

Little Ophelia has come a long way. With her brain injury, she still has such a long way to go.  She has defied the odds by making progress and even by simply staying alive past her first year.

The outpouring of affection for her and the belief in her ability to progress is one factor that has given her family hope and strength in the long struggle. 

Your donations to Ophelia’s medical care are the other part of the equation.

They allow Ophelia to try new treatments that could potentially give this courageous little girl her own voice to advocate for herself and others.

You may donate one time –as you can afford– or even make your donation a recurring monthly donation.

We Understand Only Too Well. . .

Not everyone can donate at any time.

We understand that only too well, given the kinds of problems many of us face. We’d like to ask you please, if you can’t donate, to help Ophelia by sharing her story and her donation link on Facebook and other spaces and places.. We appreciate your prayers and your sharing more than you can imagine.

Dr Larry and Judi Keefauver, Liz, Patrick, Liam, and Ophelia Keefauver.